Arts & Entertainment E-commerce Insights

Arts & Entertainment E-commerce Insights

Arts & Entertainment E-commerce

Explore the fastest growing UK Arts & Entertainment e-commerce companies over the last 27 years!

By analysing the Fast Track 100 data, which ranks the UK’s top 100 fastest-growing private companies each year, we’ve seen how “Arts & Entertainment” e-commerce has changed from 1997 to 2024.

Gift, merchandise, greeting card, book, music, stationery, arts & crafts make up the ‘Arts & Entertainment’ e-commerce sector.

Key Insights:

  1. Gift products retailers are the largest sub-group making up 25% of the ‘Arts & Entertainment’ companies listed in the Fast Track 100 (1997-2024).
  2. is the only “Arts & Entertainment” company to feature in the Fast Track 100 list four times (2017-20, 2022).
  3. The Book Depository has made the list three times (2008-10).
  4. 10 companies that have been in the list two times are The Gadget Shop (1998-99), Music Box (2000-01), Card Factory (2006-07), Dolphin Music (2006-07), Getting Personal (2009-10), (2009-10), MenKind (2010-11), (2011 & 2014), World of Books (2012-13) and OMG How Cheap (2019-20).
Award YearRankNameActivityLocationSales £000sGrowth
199874The Gadget ShopGadget retailerHumberside12,15173.32%
199950The Gadget ShopGadget retailerHumberside2108986.87%
20007Music BoxMusic retailerEssex6056144.20%
200143Music BoxMusic retailerEssex8,68398.25%
200413Firebox.comMerchandise retailerSW London4,400156.09%
200611Dolphin MusicMusic retailerLiverpool5,587175.71%
200644Card FactoryGreeting card retailerWakefield45,72090.79%
200655Buyagift.comGift retailerNorth London6,72283.01%
200662Warehouse ExpressPhotography retailerNorwich22,96479.45%
200737Dolphin MusicMusic retailerLiverpool9,29593.38%
200769Card FactoryGreeting card retailerWakefield72,12274.38%
20085The Book DepositoryBook retailerGloucester40,201160.15%
200912Getting PersonalGift retailerCheshire6,282148.78%
200922Moonpig.comGreeting card retailerCentral London20,906125.60%
200955The Book DepositoryBook retailerGloucester61,42177.79%
201017Moonpig.comGreeting card retailerCentral London31,285115.51%
201051Getting PersonalGift retailerCheshire9,47071.97%
201079MenKindGift retailerSurrey13,74252.18%
201095The Book DepositoryBook retailerGloucester74,27245.54%
20119Notonthehighstreet.comGift retailerRichmond15,080154.65%
201138RED5Gadget retailerHull10,82481.80%
201195MenKindGift retailerSurrey18,18750.88%
201222World of BooksBook retailerWest Sussex19,293107.30%
201394World of BooksBook retailerWest Sussex25,77051.30%
201457Notonthehighstreet.comGift retailerRichmond21,13665.90%
201639Professor PuzzleGift retailerSouthwest London8,00276.87%
201746Character.comMerchandise retailerSwansea6,48266.38%
201850Character.comMerchandise retailerSwansea12,24268.84%
201880Fizz CreationsGift retailerWest Sussex14,13850.39%
201942Character.comMerchandise retailerSwansea19,09070.90%
201968OMG How CheapStationery retailerColchester7,12752.21%
202043Character.comMerchandise retailerSwansea27,77362.42%
202047Vanilla UndergroundMerchandise retailerTamworth7,83660.75%
202066OMG How CheapStationery retailerColchester9,50148.73%
202247thortfulGreeting card retailerLondon34,23069.73%
202271Curious UniverseArts, crafts and toys retailerSouthwest26,11055.09%
202299Character.comMerchandise retailerWales53,19042.97%
202330Scriveiner LondonStationery retailerLondon5,500117.33%
202444Gift & GoGift retailerLondon32,800110.68%
202480Central 23Greeting card retailerLondon8,00071.12%

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Fast Track 100 logo sand background with black text

Britain's fastest growing private companies from 1997-2024

What is the Fast Track 100?
The Fast Track 100 league table ranked Britain’s 100 private companies with the fastest-growing sales over their latest three years. It is compiled by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times each December. It ran from 1997 to 2020, until 30th June 2021 when the Fast Track company was closed down due to the Covid-19 pandemic causing too much uncertainty over continued sponsorship. 

In 2022, The Sunday Times announced it was restarted the Fast Track 100. It is branded as – The Sunday Times Hundred 2022.

A typical Fast Track 100 company:

  • is owned and run by entrepreneurs
  • has between 20 and 500 staff
  • has average 3 year sales growth ranging between 45% and 250% pa
  • has sales ranging between £5m and £100m
  • 25% of the companies have venture capital backing

Fast Track 100 League Tables 1997-2024

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