Fashion & Clothing E-commerce Insights

Fashion & Clothing E-commerce Insights

Fashion & Clothing E-commerce

Discover how Fashion & Clothing has become the dominant force in UK e-commerce over the last 27 years!

By analysing the Fast Track 100 data, which ranks the UK’s fastest-growing private companies, we’ve seen Fashion & Clothing retail rise from 1 ‘bricks and mortar’ company in 1997 to 9 e-commerce brands in 2024. 📈


Key Insights:

  1. Clothing retailers dominate the space, making up 63% of the companies.
  2. Gymshark is the only “Fashion & Clothing” company to feature in the Fast Track 100 list five times (2016-2020).
  3. Three companies have featured four times: Henleys Clothing (2007-2010), END. (2016-2019), and Missguided (2014-2017).
  4. Other companies that have made the Fast Track list three times include: Boden, Bravissimo, Cath Kidston, Childrensalon, Eisenegger, Gemporia, Joules, Lounge Underwear, Manière De Voir, Mint Velvet, Net-a-Porter, Skinnydip, and Watchfinder.


These companies have revolutionised the market, driving the rise of sustainable fashion. This sector’s growth is driven by fast fashion, technological advancements, and social media influence. 🌟

Award YearRankNameActivityLocationSales £000sGrowth
199726BodenClothing brand / retailerNorthwest London5,542108.32%
199851BodenClothing brand / retailerNorthwest London9,49182.45%
199877BasebuyClothing brand / retailerLancashire3,33272.46%
1998100The Jean SceneClothing brand / retailerWest Lothian4,81866.01%
199942DB ActifClothing brand / retailerLondon9,66495.91%
199944EiseneggerClothing brand / retailerBlackpool8,66594.88%
199953Fat FaceClothing brand / retailerHampshire4,86185.64%
199981BodenClothing brand / retailerNorthwest London11,71774.56%
200022Base LondonShoe retailerNorth London15,524110.78%
200036Renoir ShoesShoe retailerCleveland12,11296.64%
200044EiseneggerClothing brand / retailerBlackpool16,21292.68%
200055Legends Surf ShopsClothing brand / retailerWarwickshire4,19184.89%
200149EiseneggerClothing brand / retailerBlackpool24,13793.49%
200153ArtigianoClothing brand / retailerIsle of Wight6,81190.93%
200161EskandarClothing brand / retailerCentral London6,07386.84%
200174BravissimoUnderwear brand / retailerLeamington Spa4,22176.83%
200190The Officers ClubClothing brand / retailerNorthumberland52,01670.04%
200279The Officers ClubClothing brand / retailerNorthumberland81,60472.69%
200287BravissimoUnderwear brand / retailerLeamington Spa7,16871.15%
200396BravissimoUnderwear brand / retailerLeamington Spa10,89763.74%
200397The Great Little Trading CompanyClothing brand / retailerCentral London1107963.66%
200546Jimmy ChooFootwear and accessories retailerCentral London27,81288.96%
200569Bank FashionClothing brand / retailerMacclesfield21,16169.64%
200642NET-A-PORTER.comClothing brand / retailerCentral London21,25891.52%
200653Joe BrownsClothing brand / retailerLeeds9,17483.16%
200691Bank FashionClothing brand / retailerMacclesfield30,18265.21%
200773Henleys ClothingClothing brand / retailerManchester14,12371.81%
200865NET-A-PORTER.comClothing brand / retailerCentral London55,15867.32%
200880Henleys ClothingClothing brand / retailerManchester25,73160.65%
200893JoulesClothing brand / retailerLeicestershire22,22555.25%
200976Henleys ClothingClothing brand / retailerManchester37,95263.45%
200986Cath KidstonClothing brand / retailerWest London31,29459.46%
200992NET-A-PORTER.comClothing brand / retailerCentral London81,54656.54%
201016SDK JewellersWatch retailerReading6,359122.93%
201037Jack WillsClothing brand / retailerNorthwest London64,76480.98%
201054AllSaintsClothing brand / retailerCentral London132,85471.35%
201069Cath KidstonClothing brand / retailerWest London50,36959.62%
201080Henleys ClothingClothing brand / retailerManchester48,28851.03%
201084JoulesClothing brand / retailerLeicestershire35,12247.90%
201153SDK JewellersWatch retailerReading8,63067.66%
201163Jack WillsClothing brand / retailerNorthwest London92,23061.14%
201182JoulesClothing brand / retailerLeicestershire51,16753.53%
201191Cath KidstonClothing brand / retailerWest London67,26451.75%
20121GemporiaJewellery retailerWorcestershire54,471245.36%
201246PenfieldClothing brand / retailerCentral London7,87776.31%
201247Hunter BootFootwear and accessories retailerEdinburgh77,95974.83%
201258Country AttireClothing brand / retailerStockport5,71168.12%
20136GemporiaJewellery retailerWorcestershire83,666189.26%
201314Mint VelvetClothing brand / retailerHigh Wycombe34,368132.94%
201368ChildrensalonChildrenswear retailerTunbridge Wells13,18663.67%
201383PenfieldClothing brand / retailerCentral London9,68954.41%
201389Touchstone RetailJewellery retailerWest London8,36952.60%
201391Country AttireClothing brand / retailerStockport6,90552.06%
20145MissguidedClothing brand / retailerManchester51,000191.17%
201414Victoria BeckhamClothing brand / retailerSouthwest London30,000120.24%
201441Monica VinaderJewellery retailerNorfolk13,98874.45%
201466Mint VelvetClothing brand / retailerHigh Wycombe48,10358.45%
201480ChildrensalonChildrenswear retailerTunbridge Wells20,06852.32%
201490GemporiaJewellery retailerWorcestershire99,56449.38%
201512MissguidedClothing brand / retailerManchester87,195115.31%
201577ChildrensalonChildrenswear retailerTunbridge Wells28,21550.41%
201592Mint VelvetClothing brand / retailerHigh Wycombe63,10745.35%
201599WatchfinderWatch retailerKent38,66242.90%
20161GymsharkClothing brand / retailerWorcestershire12,841193.27%
201612Pink BoutiqueClothing brand / retailerNewcastle upon Tyne7,709138.84%
201615Wool WarehouseYarn retailerLeamington Spa5,097127.94%
201620Lindy BopSustainable & vintage clothing retailerManchester10,054108.83%
201626HYPE.Clothing brand / retailerLeicester14,98194.44%
201643SkinnydipFashion accessories retailerNorthwest London6,63770.97%
201667MissguidedClothing brand / retailerManchester117,33659.75%
201680END.Clothing brand / retailerNewcastle upon Tyne37,93156.86%
201683WatchfinderWatch retailerKent60,77755.49%
201712GymsharkClothing brand / retailerWorcestershire40,718112.30%
201716SkinnydipFashion accessories retailerNorthwest London12,800104.03%
201718Wed2bBridalwear retailerMilton Keynes15,066100.22%
201724Pink BoutiqueClothing brand / retailerNewcastle upon Tyne8,95086.39%
201748Wool WarehouseYarn retailerLeamington Spa7,49065.64%
201757END.Clothing brand / retailerNewcastle upon Tyne69,80059.90%
201758Chi Chi LondonClothing brand / retailerCentral London13,34359.57%
201761MissguidedClothing brand / retailerManchester205,82559.03%
201788WatchfinderWatch retailerMaidstone85,80050.57%
20182Crep ProtectFootwear and accessories retailerWest London27,465190.74%
20184MissomaJewellery retailerWest London5,970148.26%
201812GymsharkClothing brand / retailerSolihull103,232127.86%
201832Wed2bBridalwear retailerMilton Keynes18,43581.68%
201849Chi Chi LondonClothing brand / retailerEnfield18,40769.20%
201851SkinnydipFashion accessories retailerNorthwest London15,60368.70%
201869END.Clothing brand / retailerNewcastle101,05155.76%
20196MissomaJewellery retailerWest London11,991165.91%
201910GymsharkClothing brand / retailerSolihull179,546141.26%
201913Oh PollyClothing brand / retailerGlasgow21,380124.07%
201916StrathberryHandbag designer / retailerEdinburgh11,825118.07%
201917Missy EmpireClothing brand / retailerManchester13,864115.30%
201926VashiJewellery retailerCentral London20,66690.95%
201967END.Clothing brand / retailerNewcastle upon Tyne134,65852.55%
201969Needle & ThreadClothing brand / retailerNorthwest London13,57651.85%
2019100VivobarefootFootwear and accessories retailerCentral London26,17643.57%
20205Lounge UnderwearUnderwear brand / retailerSolihull13,833162.20%
20209Astrid & MiyuJewellery retailerSouth London7,612123.27%
202014RIXOClothing brand / retailerWest London10,516104.03%
202018Oh PollyClothing brand / retailerGlasgow39,66294.84%
202023GymsharkClothing brand / retailerSolihull260,67485.98%
202028BluebellaUnderwear brand / retailerCentral London8,66277.08%
202029SaloniClothing brand / retailerCentral London11,63775.66%
202055BrandAlleyClothing brand / retailerCentral London59,42056.91%
202081ME+EMClothing brand / retailerWest London16,66743.57%
202086Manière De VoirClothing brand / retailerManchester10,30241.69%
202088Fairfax & FavorFootwear and accessories retailerNorfolk8,45041.45%
202094Estella BartlettJewellery retailerSoutheast London6,53939.81%
20226Lounge UnderwearUnderwear brand / retailerMidlands62,500214.98%
202215BrandbuildrClothing brand / retailerNorthwest17,600135.36%
202221Lucy & YakClothing brand / retailerYorkshire and The Humber17,420118.89%
202224A Collected ManWatch retailerLondon22,770113.20%
202250Manière De VoirClothing brand / retailerNorthwest30,20066.60%
202257Me+EmClothing brand / retailerLondon46,00061.02%
202274WoolOversClothing brand / retailerSoutheast55,99053.43%
202328Craftd LondonJewellery retailerCheshire18,400121.20%
202332SnagUnderwear brand / retailerWest Lothian32,200109.09%
202337RepresentClothing brand / retailerBolton48,60096.57%
202342Abbott LyonJewellery retailerBath30,40086.76%
202355Jaded LondonClothing brand / retailerLondon26,00074.05%
202361Lounge UnderwearUnderwear brand / retailerSolihull68,50070.45%
202363Me+EmClothing brand / retailerLondon82,10070.15%
202372Lucy and YakSustainable & vintage clothing retailerBarnsley22,70065.32%
202374Pretty LavishClothing brand / retailerHertfordshire8,50064.27%
202379Fairfax & FavorFootwear and accessories retailerNorfolk35,50061.02%
2023100Manière De VoirClothing brand / retailerManchester34,70049.91%
20247AdanolaClothing brand / retailerManchester57,400201.52%
202415Six StoriesBridalwear retailerManchester7,900170.31%
202454Club L LondonClothing brand / retailerManchester38,60096.87%
202458Sole BlissShoe retailerWatford8,80094.28%
202468RepresentClothing brand / retailerBolton80,80081.37%
202482MauvaisClothing brand / retailerCambridgeshire7,50069.90%
202483Jaded LondonClothing brand / retailerLondon40,00069.77%
202484DisturbiaClothing brand / retailerNorthumberland18,50069.67%
202487Abbott LyonJewellery retailerBath44,70068.26%

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Click this link to read more about the “Rise of E-commerce in the UK from 1997-2024”.

Fast Track 100 logo sand background with black text

Britain's fastest growing private companies from 1997-2024

What is the Fast Track 100?
The Fast Track 100 league table ranked Britain’s 100 private companies with the fastest-growing sales over their latest three years. It is compiled by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times each December. It ran from 1997 to 2020, until 30th June 2021 when the Fast Track company was closed down due to the Covid-19 pandemic causing too much uncertainty over continued sponsorship. 

In 2022, The Sunday Times announced it was restarted the Fast Track 100. It is branded as – The Sunday Times Hundred 2022.

A typical Fast Track 100 company:

  • is owned and run by entrepreneurs
  • has between 20 and 500 staff
  • has average 3 year sales growth ranging between 45% and 250% pa
  • has sales ranging between £5m and £100m
  • 25% of the companies have venture capital backing

Fast Track 100 League Tables 1997-2024

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