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Our Story

We, Dean and Sergi, founders of AdSuccess, both served as Ecommerce Managers at companies like Wiggle and Baker Ross before establishing our PPC agency. In our previous roles, we encountered issues with larger PPC agencies. Accounts were often managed by inexperienced junior managers, leading to stagnant performance and poor communication.

To address these challenges, we brought PPC management in-house at our respective companies, investing time and effort to achieve remarkable performance growth. Recognising the ongoing demand for a specialised PPC agency capable of delivering results quickly while staying updated on the ever-evolving world of PPC, we established AdSuccess.

At AdSuccess, we prioritise account diligence, regular communication, and assign experienced account managers to each client. Our goal is to instil confidence in our clients, allowing them to focus on their core strengths while we handle PPC complexities.

Consider AdSuccess for your online advertising needs and experience the difference a specialised PPC agency can make in achieving your growth objectives.

Our Founders

Dean Maskell photo

Dean Maskell

Dean has worked in digital marketing for 18 years and can remember bidding on Overture, the PPC platform that predates Google Ads. He honed his digital marketing skills at Wiggle, and during an 8-year period there helped grow the company’s revenues from £10M to £200M. Since then, he has helped Baker Ross, Huel, Simba Sleep, Pure Electric and Tails on their online growth journey, both as in-house director and consultant. Dean has also helped WowNow Hire, Assos, Ruroc, Vivobarefoot, Ayoa, plus many more brands.

Dean is based in Southampton, UK, where he lives with his wife and two young daughters. He met Sergi at Baker Ross in 2016, and the pair have worked together on multiple projects since then.

Sergi Vila photo

Sergi Vila

Sergi has over 15 years of experience specialising in digital marketing, online growth strategy and web technologies. He spent a decade developing and refining his skills at Baker Ross – a period which saw their sales increase from £11M to £27M. Since then, he has been helping brands like DR.VEGAN, Tails.com, Perch & Parrow, National Lighting, Net Curtains Direct, Clothkits and CHPT3 grow online by overseeing their PPC and Paid Social campaigns.

Sergi has a wife and young son and is based in Barcelona.

Our Values


We believe family is everything. But that extends to our partners who over time become  our chosen family. 


We are passionate about online advertising, obsessed with data and focused on results. We value expertise.


We are naturally inquisitive, open-minded, and driven to understand what makes the technology tick.


We build genuine relationships with our clients, with a foundation built on respect and honesty.

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