Google Shopping:

Essential ad campaigns for online retailers

Let us set up & manage your Google Shopping Ad campaigns for:

1. Increased Visibility

2. Qualified Traffic

3. Easy Product Listings

4. High Performance Rates

Google Shopping search result for mens football boots showing three pairs of football boots

Why are Google Shopping Ads essential for online retailers?

Google Shopping ads are more likely to lead to sales compared to standard Search ads because they are given a premium position at the top of the page and they attract qualified traffic—users already know about the product, its image, full & promotional price, star rating, and popularity based on reviews.

Why choose AdSuccess to handle your Google Shopping Ads?

With our expertise and tailored approach, we optimise every Google Shopping aspect (product listings to bidding strategies) to ensure your products gain maximum exposure, attract qualified traffic, and achieve high conversion rates.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping is a powerful tool designed to help retailers showcase and advertise their products to people who are actively searching for them. Google Shopping ads hold prime positions at the top of the search results for product-related, highly qualified queries. Additionally, they are featured in Google’s dedicated “Shopping” tab, allowing users to browse and compare products across various retailers and brands.

What are the benefits of Google Shopping Ads?

Increased Visibility

Google Shopping ensures that retailers’ products are prominently displayed on Google’s search results pages. This visually appealing format grabs users’ attention and provides them with specific product information, leading to higher click-through rates.

Qualified Traffic

Users clicking on Google Shopping ads are often closer to making a purchase compared to those clicking on text-based ads. They have already been exposed to your retailer or brand name, product image, price, and ratings, indicating a higher level of interest and intent to buy.

Easy Product Listings

 Google Shopping simplifies the process of listing products for sale by allowing retailers to directly upload product feeds to the platform. This eliminates the need to create individual ads for each product and ensures that product information remains accurate and up to date.

Higher Performance

Google Shopping ads drive more qualified leads and ultimately result in increased sales due to the combination of enhanced visibility, qualified traffic, and streamlined product listings.

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Where do Google Shopping ads show up?

Three different Google Shopping Ad views

What does our server-side tracking service include?

  1. Account Setup: If you don’t have them yet, we assist you in setting up a Google Merchant Center, Google Tag Manager (GTM) and Google Ads accounts.
  2. Feed Optimisation: We work with you to generate a product feed and identify opportunities for optimisation.
  3. Feed Error Fixing: We identify and work with you to address any errors, including missing or incorrect product information, invalid formatting, and failure to comply with Google’s feed requirements, ensuring smooth operation and optimal performance.
  4. Conversion Tracking: We implement conversion tracking to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
  5. CSS Setup: We will link your account to either a Google Comparison Shopping Engine (CSS) or AdSuccess CSS for enhanced visibility.
  6. Google Shopping Campaign: We tailor a campaign structure based on your specific business needs and taking into consideration multiple factors including catalogue size and product categories, location targeting, performance targets and budget allocation.
  7. Product Listing Optimisation: We ensure that your product images, titles, and descriptions are optimised to enhance ad performance.
  8. Review and Launch: We thoroughly review all campaign settings, including budget, targeting and bidding, to ensure proper setup before launching.
  9. Monitor and Optimise: After campaign launch, we continuously monitor performance. After an initial learning period we start making adjustments to ensure optimal budget allocation and optimise ad creatives to enhance campaign effectiveness and achieve your advertising goals.

Other Google Shopping FAQs

Google Shopping ads operate through your Google Merchant Center product data, allowing you to determine the placement and appearance of your ads. Google Shopping utilises the details provided in your product feed and shows the most relevant products to match users’ search queries. Managed within Google Ads through Shopping campaigns, these ads follow the same pay-per-click model as standard search ads.

Google Merchant Center is a platform provided by Google that allows retailers to upload their product data to make it available for Google Shopping, Google Search, and other Google services. It serves as a central hub for managing and maintaining product information, such as images, descriptions, prices, and availability. Retailers can use the Merchant Center to create product listings, track performance metrics, and optimise their presence in Google’s various shopping channels.

To start using Google Merchant Center for Google Shopping you need to sign up and create a Merchant Center account. Then, upload your product data, including images, descriptions, prices, and availability. Ensure that your product feed meets Google’s requirements. Once your products are uploaded, link your Merchant Center account to your Google Ads account to create Shopping campaigns.

Google Shopping, formerly known as Froogle, was launched by Google in 2002 as a price comparison service. Over time, it evolved into a platform where retailers could list their products for users to discover and purchase directly. In 2012, Google rebranded the service to Google Shopping and transitioned to a paid model, where retailers could bid for ad placements.

Google Shopping differs from regular Google search ads primarily in the way they are presented and targeted. While regular search ads appear as text-based links at the top or bottom of search results, Google Shopping ads showcase products with images, prices, and ratings directly within the search results or in a separate Shopping tab. Additionally, Google Shopping ads target users who are actively searching for specific products, whereas regular search ads target users based on keywords and search intent. This means that Google Shopping ads tend to attract users who are further along in the purchase journey and have a higher intent to buy.

The main challenges with Google Shopping include optimising product feeds to meet Google’s requirements for visibility and relevance, managing competition in bidding for ad placements, and continuously monitoring and adjusting campaigns to ensure optimal performance and return on investment. Additionally, staying updated with Google’s ever-changing algorithms and policies poses a challenge, as well as effectively targeting the right audience and maximising conversion rates amidst evolving market trends and consumer behaviour.

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