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What is Paid Social?

Paid social refers to using paid advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube to reach and engage with a targeted audience. It allows you to amplify your reach, increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, generate leads, and ultimately achieve your growth goals.

Our Paid Social approach

1) Paid Social Audit

  • Understand your business, product and service
  • Understand advertising goals and objectives
  • Identify key opportunities and areas for improvement within the account – and to do this we will review:
    • Account structure
    • Campaign strategies and targets
    • Product Feed (where relevant)
    • Ad copy and assets
    • Audience and location targeting
    • Conversion tracking

2) Paid Social Campaign Build

  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Build / Restructure account and follow best practice
  • Set campaign goals:
    • Awareness: brand awareness / reach
    • Consideration: traffic, app instals, video views, leads
    • Conversion: purchases, sign-ups, or downloads.
  • Creative – we recommend using a variety of ad formats and creative concepts for ongoing testing and learnings, as well as increasing reach
  • Ad copywriting – we recommend using a variety of messages and ad copy lengths and styles for ongoing testing and learnings
  • Product feed optimisation – only relevant for ecommerce brands
  • Audience targeting
  • Budget management
  • Conversion tracking

3) Optimisation & Reporting

  • Ongoing optimisation & reporting: 
    • Rotate existing creative and introduce fresh creative and messaging regularly to ensure relevancy and to avoid creative exhaustion
    • Optimising the performance of ad sets & audiences
    • A/B testing of creative concepts and messaging
    • Performance reporting

What are the benefits of Paid Social?

Paid Social advertising can generate immediate results. Once your campaign is set up and the ads approved, they can start getting impressions within minutes.

You can advertise your product and service to users who match your customer profile. This results in a good conversion potential in comparison to other forms of advertising.

Paid Social platforms provide robust targeting options, allowing you to reach a specific audience based on demographics, location, interests, and more. Plus you can customise your ads and AB test them.

You can modify your targeting and ads to optimise performance. And you can pause or stop campaigns at any time, giving you full control over your advertising activities.

Linkedin paid search advertising listing displaying professional service PPC results

What Paid Social platform should I use?

1) Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads allows you to reach a vast user base on the Meta platform, including Facebook, Instagram and partner apps. Consider using Facebook Ads if:

  • Your target audience aligns with Facebook’s user demographics, such as B2C and consumer-oriented businesses.
  • You want to leverage detailed audience targeting based on demographics, interests, behaviours, and custom audiences.
  • You can produce compelling and visually appealing content, such as images and videos, which is crucial for your advertising success.
  • You aim to build brand awareness, engage users, and drive traffic to your website or specific landing pages.

2) Linkedin Ads

LinkedIn Ads is a platform geared towards professional audiences and B2B marketing. Consider using LinkedIn Ads if:

  • Your target audience consists of professionals, decision-makers, or specific industries.
  • Your business offers products or services relevant to professionals, recruitment, or professional development.
  • You want to leverage professional networking, industry-specific targeting, and job-related criteria.
  • You aim to generate leads, promote thought leadership, or build brand authority within professional networks.

3) YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads allows you to reach a diverse and vast target audience. Consider using YouTube Ads if:

  • You want to raise brand awareness and you have compelling video content.
  • You have an existing audience or customer base that you want to use YouTube ads for prospecting or remarketing purposes.

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