Switch & Start Saving on your Google Shopping CPCs with AdSuccess CSS

The Benefits of Switching CSS

By switching from Google’s CSS to AdSuccess you can:

> Save up to 20% on your CPCs via Google Shopping

> Receive up to 3% more Shopping clicks for free

> Migration is simple & no need to set up new accounts

Google Shopping paid search advertising listing for cool bicycles using AdSuccess CSS comparison shopping service


CSS stands for Comparison Shopping Service. CSSs connect online retailers product inventory to Google Shopping. Online retailers need to work with at least one CSS to begin placing Shopping ads with Google. By default Google applies its own CSS – Google GSE.

Google CSS is called Google Shopping Europe (GSE). This business entity came about in 2017, after Google received a record fine of 2.4 billion Euro by the European Commission (EC) for unfair competition. Google was preventing other parties (comparison shopping engines) from having the opportunity to compete on Google Shopping as CSS providers. The EC instructed Google to separate out its CSS business (Google Shopping Europe – GSE) from its Shopping side. If you use Google Shopping, by default your CSS will be GSE.

Google Shopping Europe (GSE), retains a 20% cut from your Google Shopping ad spend. This is the profit to justify them (GSE) being a separate business. This means if you use Google for your CSS, when you bid £1.00 on Google Shopping, you’re only participating with £0.80 in the auction for ad clicks. Whereas, when you use AdSuccess, your full £1.00 goes into the auction. This gives your CPCs a boost of 25%, as an extra £0.20 is added on top of your existing £0.80 bid.

Currently millions of online retailers are using GSE because it is the default option and are unaware of this hidden cost.

When employing Google’s default CSS (GSE), a ‘By Google’ link appears beneath your Google Shopping ad, drawing about 3% of user clicks. However, with GSE, users are directed to a page featuring hundreds of your competitors. In contrast, utilising AdSuccess CSS (a blue ‘By AdSuccess’ link appears) ensures your products are prioritised. In practice, this strategy has the potential to secure an additional 3% in clicks, all at no extra cost to you.

It’s important to note that this 20% discount doesn’t appear as a refunded or displayed amount in your Google Ads account. Instead, it translates into a bidding advantage. The impact mirrors that of staying with Google CSS while boosting your bids by 25%. This results in improved positions for your product displays and increased participation in auctions.

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