4 Essential Content Checks Before Advertising

4 Essential Content Checks Before Advertising

4 Essential Content Checks Before Advertising - 1-2 min read

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Before publishing a social piece or launching your online advertising campaigns, it’s crucial to ensure that your content is well-prepared. Here are four key problems and fixes to consider.

Problem 1: Creating what you want, not what your customers need

Fix: Avoid guessing what your customers want. Instead, gather feedback and understand their pain points. Create content that directly addresses their needs.

Problem 2: Not being clear about your target audience

Fix: Dive deep into understanding your target audience and the specific challenges they face. Building a strong connection with your audience starts with thorough understanding.

Problem 3: Failing to connect with your audience’s emotions

Fix: Don’t rely solely on facts. Establish an emotional connection to keep your audience engaged. Share real-life anecdotes, challenges, benefits, and success stories to create a compelling narrative.

Problem 4: Content not optimised for your chosen platform

Fix: Familiarise yourself with the nuances of each content, social & ad platform and tailor your content accordingly. Each platform has its own preferences, so ensure your content seamlessly fits into the user experience (social media) and algorithm preference (ad platforms).

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